Maybe it’s the Pisces in me, but I love water and I love rain. I love challenging it to races to see how dry I can stay. Or sometimes I love to just stand there and let it consume me. I love to lie on the ground and visualize it washing everything away. And I love to stand in the warm pools it makes on the earth and look at how it reflects the world, offering a new perspective on everything.

It appeals to all five senses. You can look at the sunshine and feel it on your skin, but you can’t hear it. You can’t smell it or taste it. You can taste rain. You can smell how fresh it makes the earth. You can hear it crashing to the ground and you can watch the drops race each other down your windows. You can feel it on your skin–sometimes in a refreshing shower kind of way and other times in freezing goose bump-inducing bullets kind of way. And sometimes you’re not positive which it’ll be until you’re actually engulfed in it. When you’re trying so hard to shut things out, it can make you stop and feel again. And feeling is so important. Rain makes you feel alive.

Rain has such a negative idea connected to it and it baffles me. It’s constantly being used as symbolism for sadness. Yet, we need water to survive. We ARE water. How wonderful is it that something that’s so important for us to thrive just falls from the sky without any work on our part? We don’t question or doubt it, we know it’s coming. Rain is a constant. But it’s also spontaneous. We can’t control how warm it is or if it’ll be a light misting or a curtain of water. It’s comforting and it’s cleansing. And sometimes you need rain to clean the world so you can see it a little more clearly. Rain is a cycle and rain is renewal. Rain brings life and with that brings hope. Maybe, instead of viewing rain as a gloomy mood setter in a funeral or break up scene, we can view it as rebirth. Not the ending of something, but the beginning of the next thing.

You are water. You are rain. You are life. You are hope.



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